My name is Iza and I invite you to be a part of #DontTellHim action, the most secret crowdfunding in the world. 

I came up with this idea to help my friend Michał - to raise money for the off-road car adapted for disabled persons. Michał is a photographer and traveler who suffers from muscular dystrophy which made him wcheelchair user. In 2012, together with Maciek Kamiński (also wcheelchair user) travelled around Europe and reached North Africa.Right now they are making preparations for a six-month trip around South America. Michał spent all his savings and earned money to buy a 1996 Land Rover Defender car. Now he needs money to adapt it for his needs. Cost: about 50 000 zł (about 12 000 euro). 

Because of that I decided to surprise him, show that the world is full of great people who believe enough in the dreams of others and are willing to support them. I launched campaign #DontTellHim because for me the most important was that he won't find out about this action as long as possible!  I wanted to make surprise as big as possible and give him feling that this trip will definitely become true and we will collect necessary financial resources for this purpose.Michał found out about the action on Tuesday, the fifth day of the campaign. So far we have collected almost 20,000 zł, we need another 30,000, after that  I'll be able to dance for joy that we did it! To be sure that it will happen, I need you! In this place you will find account number, please donate as much as you can, so that the dream of Michał will become true.

Tell your friends about the action, let him feel the magic of help. Thank you with all my heart!

Donation can be made by any person at any time, including from abroad.

Recipient's name:
Michal Woroch - Zielona 15, 88-430 Janowiec Wlkp
Accoun no: 76 1090 1362 0000 0001 0167 7415
title: wheelchairtrip 2015

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